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  • Karen Barnes

Is It Time to Redesign Your Website?

Your website is generally one of the first things your customers see when they begin to investigate your brand. Does it reflect the values, graphics and quality of your product? Here are some key items to look at when you are evaluating your website:

Have consistent font types and use colors that complement your logo. When you created your logo and branding image, you should have decided on a look that is presented in all your marketing and communications material. Make sure you use that same logo and font on your website as well as all social media sites for a consistent look and feel of your company’s brand.

Keep it simple and clean. Cluttering up the design with unnecessary elements and too much information will result in confusion and won’t hold the attention of your visitor. Be clear about what actions you want them to take: finding product information, joining your mailing list or promoting current events. Note: this will change constantly, so make sure you have an effective way to update your website regularly.

Organize the information logically. Take time to layout your navigation in a logical manner. Anticipate how you will add information in the future, if necessary, without having to completely redesign the website. And utilize Google Analytics from the beginning – there is no reason to guess what information people are looking for and how they get there –the analytics program will tell you!

Is your contact information complete and easily found? When customers have questions, they may not spend time looking through your site to get them answered, so having your contact information front and center is key. Include address, phone and email address so the customer does not have to search long and hard for it.

Is it “responsive”? Designing a website for all different devices has become the norm (and Google won’t acknowledge you unless your website is flexible). Test it - does it looks good on all forms of mobile devices? This is easy to check with . . . .

Your website can be an effective tool as long as you maintain it effectively. Need help managing content on a regular basis? Contact us at 707-738-1301 or

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