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  • Karen Barnes

eCommerce – Not Just for Consumers Anymore

The eCommerce revolution is coming to the trade market – more and more businesses in all industries are using online ordering platforms to restock their shelves and get information that will help them sell product. Setting up an online store that your retailers and restaurants can order through save time, money and aggravation, so why not try it?

Some key considerations in choosing an online store:

Easy access. Most systems will require a username and password to access pricing and product information for the specific customer. Plan on how you will structure that information – setting up and disseminating that information can be key to your kick-off program, so make sure it is easy and logical to get setup (or retrieve login information if it is lost).

Product Flexibility. It is important to be able to assign specific pricing tiers, product availability when working with trade customers. Make sure your system in flexible enough to handle it with easy – and then easy to change as necessary.

Product information. Often, customers will want to know specifics about a product to both make sure it is the correct one and/or if it fits their needs. There should be an area to provide descriptions, photos and other key information in one click.

Payment. Let's face it - that's why you have an online store in the first place. The system should be able to integrate with a payment gateway, such as, just in case the customer wants to pay immediately by credit card (it happens!). Allowing them 30 days to pay? Invoicing by email from the system should be quick and easy.

Analytics. While it is not very sexy, analytics are definitely something you want to track. Who is using the system and how is a question as you build your online B2B base. Keep careful track of cart abandonment and any clicks that are coming through but not ending in a sale – and try to fix the problems.

Setting up an online B2B store does not have to be painful. In fact, identifying and implementing the right online system is one of the things we do best. Need help managing the online store after implementation? We do that, too! So if you need help, give us a call at 707-738-1301 or email us at