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  • Karen Barnes

Social Media – What Your Followers Want to See

Navigating social media can be a slippery slope – and social media can only be effective if it is consistent. One of the biggest challenges with small craft producers is the ability to see value in everyday happenings at the production level and then share it effectively. Whether you are bottling, labeling, naming or releasing your product, these are all great opportunities to connect with your customers. Creating a mix of content will insure that you appeal to everyone at some point, so planning is important. A balanced social media program does not just happen – you need to make sure you are not overlapping messages on platforms, that you are monitoring and responding appropriately to all comments and expanding your reach all at the same time.

Create a calendar. This is instrumental in managing an effective social media program. You need to make sure you always have some relevant to post and by planning ahead you should never be caught short. If you know when you are bottling, make sure someone is there to capture the process. Having an onsite event? Put someone in charge of taking pictures of your customers enjoying themselves. Don’t leave it to chance – determine your goals and make a plan!

Make sure the content is relevant. Posts of a cat doing a dance shouldn’t be your number one priority – relevance is key. Reinforce your brand with product and signage pictures whenever possible – it is great free advertising!

Be consistent. There is nothing worse that visiting a Facebook page and finding out that the last update was a year ago. If you are going to be on social media, you have to keep it up-to-date. If you do not have the time or inclination to make sure you are consistent, then rethink participation – it is better to not have a presence than to have an out-of-date presence.

Change up content from media to media. You can focus on bottling one day but make sure you use different pictures on Twitter than you used on Facebook or Instagram. If someone is following you on two or more channels, you want to make sure the content is different for each account so they don’t become bored or realize they only have to follow you on one. This is where the calendar becomes an effective tool – be creative!

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