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  • Karen Barnes

Analytics: What You Can Learn

Say the word “metrics” or “analytics” to a non-marketing person and eyes will glaze over and thoughts will roam. But it really isn’t all that bad – you can actually learn interesting things from analyzing your online tools!

Website. I can only hope that when people build their websites these days, they include an analytics program. Google Analytics is the most prevalent and simple to embed into the backend of your site (just ask your webmaster if you don’t know how to do it). The results will show you who is visiting, what search engines (or not) they are coming from, what type of device they are using, how long they are staying and what they are viewing. That is all valuable information when you are trying to market to your audience.

Email Marketing. What is the growth on your mailing list? How engaged are they? Open rates, clickthrough rates and unsubscribes are all clues to what your customers want to know about you. Catchy subject lines will entice a reader to open your email (try some A/B testing with your list to find out what subjects people respond to most) and good content once they open it will compel them to click through to your website or social media page. Getting a lot of unsubscribes? Evaluate your email program – maybe you are sending too frequently without any good content. Follow the clues.

Social Media. Almost all the social media platforms have metrics built right in and it is simple to monitor the basics that will give insight into your overall programs. Facebook allows you to see your “like” growth and interactions whenever you choose. Track your Twitter followers and check your retweet rates. If you are not growing, or your content is not getting shared or viewed, evaluate and change course. The great thing is that every day is a new day and it is never too late to invigorate your online programs.

Analytics CAN be fun – and interesting!