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  • Karen Barnes

Tap Into Your Local Market

One of the best ways to promote your brand and your products is to start small and market locally. There are many opportunities available for small businesses to gain a solid following from their neighbors.

Local Media. Write a press release and send it out electronically to local media outlets. Find out who the lifestyle editors are in your area and invite them personally to experience your tasting room and/or facility and let them know exactly what you do. Writing an article on you is completely discretionary but most newspapers and bloggers are always looking for content.

Liquor Stores. Create a relationship with the buyers for your local liquor stores (and maintain it!). Many states allow direct sales to retail shops without going through a distributor, so cultivate those contacts through regular visits and ongoing digital marketing. Talk to them about creating a special space to promote local products and provide them with any supporting collateral (such as shelftalkers) that will help them sell.

Tasting Room. Your tasting room is a great way to connect with customers – you can offer discounts on tastings and products for local residents. Start a “locals” program and it will spread quickly throughout the community, bringing in people to try your product and experience your tasting room. They will then refer you to friends and family who come to visit, broadening your base.

Local Advertising. You can advertise through local media channels, targeting your region. You can also create parameters in social media advertising that include your local area and demographics. Talk to your sales representatives for each channel you are considering and find out how to make the most of your advertising dollar.

Regional Events. There are opportunities to participate in local events that attract the people in your community and beyond. From state fairs to local food events, start a search of events that you would like to attend and showcase your products. Be sure to include a business card, mailing list signup or coupons in your collateral material to hand out to attendees.

There is no better way to get your brand recognized locally than to go out and take advantage of everything your community or region offers. Start locally and grow globally!

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