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  • Karen Barnes

Growing Your Database

One of the first question new clients ask me is: “How do I grow my database?”. My first response to them is: “What are you doing for your current database?”. Hopefully, the answer is constant communication via omnichannel medias – consistent and relevant.

So you have your communication plan in place and are implementing it loyally – how do you expand the reach of your emails and posts?

Appeal to your current mailing list. Make sure your email campaigns have the option to “forward to a friend” and encourage your loyal fans to refer their friends to check you out.

Collect information from everyone that walks through your Tasting Room door. It doesn’t matter if they are buying or not – the fact that they stopped shows they have an interest in what you do. Incent tasting room staff to collect data, if necessary – it will help them to remember and focus on staying in touch.

Collect information at events. Make sure you have a mailing list card at all events you may be attending and pouring at – people can pick them up, fill them in at their leisure and return - or they can use the card to go to your website (which should be listed on the mailing list card) to sign up.

Put a prominent link to your mailing list signup form on all your digital medias, including website, social media and email campaigns. Make it easy to signup. But be sure to gather more information than just an email address – demographics help you drill down and get the messaging right.

Making data collection a priority will give you a large, valuable mailing list that you can constantly appeal to for sales. Need help setting up a good mailing list program? Contact us at

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