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  • Karen Barnes

Connecting With Your Customers

Building a solid following of both consumers and trade customers is the key to the sustainability of your brand. What are you doing to establish good communications and engagement? Here are a few tips:


Make each visit special. If you have a tasting room, create personalized tastings for your guests and pay attention to their needs.

Collect their contact information. And then use it! Customers want to know what you are doing on a regular basis, so don’t be afraid to reach out via email and social media and let them know the latest.

Create engaging content. Show them a video of your process; talk about the passion of the owners; share the exploits of the tasting room and staff; show off your products – whatever it is, make sure it is relevant and interesting.

Create a loyalty club. Obviously, many distilleries are not able to ship direct to consumers but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a robust club that keeps your local customers coming back for more. Target local and regional customers and create a reason for them to visit and buy.


Make POS materials available. Shelftalkers, product notes, bottle shots – all those things help your trade partners sell your product to the consumer, so be sure to support them in whatever materials they may need.

Communicate. Don’t be afraid to email or call them about new products or upcoming events. They need to be in the loop so they can effectively sell your brand and it keeps you at the front of their minds.

Make sure their inventory level is maintained. Don’t let them sell out of your product because you may be quickly replaced by something new. Keep tabs on what they are selling and how fast – and then be proactive in reaching out.

Invite them to visit you. Once they are at your production facility, you have a unique opportunity to engage them even further into your brand by creating a special experience that they can’t wait to share.

Communication is key in maintaining solid customer relationships, so don’t be shy about promoting yourself and your products! Need help? Contact us at


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