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  • Karen Barnes

What’s in a Recipe?

I follow many craft distilleries on social media and the one thing that most of them do very effectively is provide recipes for their spirits. I love seeing how creative they can be with their mixers – and some even provide pairing suggestions. We all know that margaritas go with chips and salsa but who knew French Toast goes with vodka? It is that unique content that make you stand out and draw your customer in to your brand.

But don’t just put the recipes on social media – make sure you have a Recipes page on your website where you can store and archive the creations. That way, the next time someone searches Google for “mojitos”, your website might just pop up as an option and you may gain a new follower. It also shows that you are creative and know your spirits’ strengths – not all gins are created equal and creatively highlighting the best of your products shows passion and commitment. If you have a Tasting Room, print out the recipes on cards for visitors to take home with them and they will think about you every time they make a cocktail from your suggestions.

As an example, I went to dinner at a friend's house the other night and she was boasting about how delicious the tequila martinis were that they had created a few nights before. I asked what was in them and she immediately produced the printed recipe from her recipe book. The recipe was good enough for her to save and share – that should be your goal. Having someone not only buy your products but use them effectively and creatively will ensure you have a long-term fan and customer.

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