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  • Karen Barnes

Working With Influencers

In today's social media landscape, the use of influencers is becoming an important factor in cutting through the noise and getting your brand noticed. Here are a few guidelines for working with influencers:

Set a plan. What do you want to accomplish with your partnerships? What industries are relevant to your brand? Do you want to focus on micro-influencers or celebrities? It is important to create an overall plan before you begin reaching out to potential influencers so you have a concrete idea of what you want to accomplish.

Define Goals.Set your goals for your partnerships – and they can be different for each influencer, depending on what they bring to the table. Do you want to increase followers? Create more sales?These can be different for each partnership, depending on what their strengths may be.

Set expectations. For each partnership, lay out your expectations:what platforms will they be using, how many posts are the contracted to produce and when are they executing? The timeline is especially important in order to manage any coupons or offers they might be publishing.You will need to manage those internally, so set up a calendar if necessary.

Content Management.Who gets the final say in the content?Are you leaving it up to the influencer or do you want to sign off on what is being published? This is something that you should determine upfront – if you want control, you will need to state that in the expectations before beginning a campaign.

Analyze Results.It is important to be able to track the success of each influencer partnership, so you will need unique codes or analytics set up on the backend so you can trace the effectiveness of each campaign.